NO ONE would deny the heartbreak of a child who has known only illness. Even worse is the plight of a little one whose good health is suddenly snatched away. To us, the only possible rival to that suffering is the anguish of the child’s parents.  

We know. The charity’s founder, an insurance professional who is blessed with four healthy children, was all too often involved in the lives of clients caring for a sick child. That’s what moved him to start this foundation. More than a way to raise much-needed funds for worthy children’s causes, it became a chance to truly give back to parents. To help lighten the load. To give them a way to bond with others facing similar challenges and, with that support, see possibility beyond probability.

What started as one person's dream to raise funds for a local children’s charity back in 2004 has blossomed into an amazing annual rock event. Now, an all-volunteer board from various careers is dedicated to making the Annual Bash both a sensational evening of rock and roll and a philanthropic success. Featuring caring musicians from famous bands from across the globe, our signature concert has raised more than $500,000 for children (and parents) in need.

Why rock and roll? We’re unashamed boomers, nostalgic for the love affair we had with the Beatles, the Woodstock era, and the utter magic of music that continues to uplift us through the decades. It’s our love of music supporting our love of children – we couldn’t imagine a sweeter duet. 

Our long-term goal is to expand the Rock and Roll for Children concert to across the nation – especially to cities and towns where funds are needed most.

Does that strike a chord? Please join us and make music that matters – music that helps children and families in need. 

There’s work to do and fun to be had – let’s rock and roll!